YDS İngilizce Kelimeleri - H Harfi Listesi

hamper (hempır)   hareketini güçleştirmek ; engellemek, kapaklı büyük sepet
- to prevent moving, to make it difficult for someone to do something, a large basket, especially for picnics,
- I tried to run but I was hampered by my long dress.
- The man tired to get out of water, but his heavy coat hampered him.
- The building works was hampered by bad weather.
harm (harm)   zarar;kötülük; hasar
- to cause danger or injury,
- I will make sure you come to no harm.(başına bir şey gelmemesi için her şeyi yapacağım)
- He meant no harm.(incitecek bir şey yapmaya hiç niyeti yoktu)
- It will do you no harm to have some exercise.(biraz spor yapmaktan sana bir zarar gelmez)
- There is no need to be frightened – he won’t harm you.
- Earthquakes harm people very often in the east part of turkey.
- Heavy rain caused a great harm to the growing plants.
- Peter ate some of those berries but they didn’t do him any harm.
- Experienced staff watches over the children to make sure they don’t come to any harm.
- ‘’ sorry about what I said to you last night’’. ‘’ that’s all right, Jack, no harm done!’’.
- Put the medicine out of harm’s way where the children can’t reach it.
- I am sure he will say no, but there is no harm in asking.
- Too much sunshine can harm your skin.
harvest (harvıst)   hasat; ürün
- the time crops or fruits or vegetables are cut and gathered,
- The rice harvest.
- We harvested the apples yesterday.
- The farmer harvested his crop in summer.
- Farmers always need extra help with the harvest.
- This year’s wheat harvest was very poor.
heavy (heviy)   şiddetli olarak, büyük oranda, ağır, üzgün, kederli
- heaving a great weight, hard to lift, in a large amount, great in amount, force, doing something a lot, sad,
- A heavy parcel.
- I wonder how heavy our little baby is.
- Heavy rain
- He gave the burglar a heavy blow on the neck.
- He’s a heavy smoker.
- He said goodbye to his son with a heavy heart.
- Jill’s bag was heavy; she couldn’t carry it by herself.
- There was a heavy rain I got wet all over.
- How heavy is your suitcase?
- The sound of his heavy breathing told her that he was asleep.
- Things got a bit heavy when she started talking about her failed marriage.
hesitate (hesiteyt)   duraksama, tereddüt etme, ağırdan alma
- to be uncertain or unsure to do something and to show it with words and look, to pause briefly because of uncertainly, a bit unwilling to do something,
- He hesitates before answering.
- Some may hesitate to do what is right.(bazıları doğru olanı yapmaktan çekinebilirler)
- He gave a hesitant speech.
- He was rather hesitant about giving her advice.
- I hesitated about asking John for money because he may not have enough to give me.
- She is still hesitating about whether to accept the job or not.
- Don’t hesitate to phone if you have any problems.
- She agreed without a moment’s hesitation.
hijack (hacek)   hava korsanlığı
- to control of an aero-plane while it is moving and force the pilot to fly to a particular place, to stop and rob a vehicle,
- Thieves hijacked a lorry carrying 20.000 pound worth of whisky.
- A daring hijack.
- The plane was hijacked on its flight to Sydney.
- The peace rally was hijacked by right-wing extremists.
hit (hit)   isabet etmek; tesir etmek, çarpmak, başına gelmek, liste başı bir numara
- to strike; to hurt by using force, to give something a blow that makes it move, to reach, to happen someone or something, the hitting of something, such as a target, something that is popular or successful,
- The ball hit him on the head.
- He hit his head against a low branch.
- The car hit a lamppost.
- Stop hitting me on the head.
- He was hit by a bullet.
- That boxer certainly hits hard.
- The golfer hit the ball over the wall.
- His second arrow hit the bull’s-eye.
- The city was hit by an earthquake.
- That was a good hit.
- The record is a hit.
- A hit song.
- The car was going too fast and hit a dog.
- He is a bad father, he always hits his children.
- The footballer hit the ball.
- The player made a good hit.
- Peter hit his head on the low beam.
- Inner city areas have been badly hit by unemployment.
- Her father’s dead has hit her very hard.
- Things were going really well until we hit this problem.
- If you follow this road you should hit the motorway in about ten minutes.
- I thought I recognized the man’s face and then it hit me – he was my old mathematic teacher!
- When I first met Tony’s parents, we didn’t really hit it off.
- I finally hit on a solution to the problem.
hold-up (hold ap)   tabanca tehdidi ile soygun yapma, geciktirmek
- to delay, to stop and rob,
- I’m sorry I’m late.
- I got held up at the office.
- The bandits held up the travelers.
- We were held up by the traffic.
hostage (hostıç)   rehine
- a person who is taken prisoner by people who will not let him go till they get what they want,
- The terrorist were holding three people hostage.
- The robbers tried to take the staff hostage.
- The hijackers say they will hold the passengers hostage until their demands are met.
huge (hüc)   muazzam
- very large, very big,
- A huge dog.
- A huge sum of money.
- Their new house is huge.
- The film was a huge success.
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