YDS İngilizce Kelimeleri - N Harfi Listesi

neglect (neglekt)   boşlama; aldirmama; ihmal; gerekli ilgiyi göstermeme savsaklamak; ihmal etmek
- not to pay attention, to take no notice of, to treat someone or something carelessly; to give too little attention to something, to fail to do something, lack of care and attention,
- He neglected his work.
- He neglected to answer the letter.
- The garden is suffering from neglect.( bahçe bakımsızlık içindeydi)
- Tom neglected his two day’s homework and had to do all of it at the same time.
- You can’t trust him in doing something in a certain time, he is in neglect of duty.
- The old house had stood neglected for years.
- He neglected to mention that he had spent time in prison.
- The garden was like a jungle after years of neglect.
notable (notıbıl)   dikkate deger
- important, deserved to receive attention, worth taking notice of; important,
- A notable scholar.
- The actress had a notable success because she was acting as real although it was her first performance.
- The area is notable for its wildlife.
- Several politicians, most not ably the Prime Minister ant the Home Secretary, have given the proposal their full support.
notice (notis)   duyuru ilan, ilgi, ikaz, gözüne ilişmek, göze çarpan, gözle görülür
- a piece of writing that can be seen by the people, attention paid, to catch a look carefully, a written or printed statement to announce something publicly, attention, a warning that something is going to happen, likely to be easily noticed,
- He stuck a notice on the door, saying that the gymnasium was closed for repairs.
- They put a notice in the paper announcing the birth of their daughter.
- His skill attracted their notice.
- I’ll bring the problem to his notice as soon as possible.
- We were prepared to leave at a moment’s notice.
- How much notice must you give before you move out (evden taşınmak için ne kadar önceden haber verilmeli)
- I noticed a book on the table.
- He noticed her leave the room.
- Did he say that? I didn’t notice.
- There’s a slight stain on this dress but it’s not really noticeable.
- Don’t take any notice of my mother- she always complains like that.
- They’re just trying to scare you – take no notice.
- The school principle put a notice on his door that he didn’t want to be disturbed for two hours.
- His father gave a notice that he wouldn’t let John to go the party if he hasn’t done his homework yet.
- The employer gave his employee a month’s notice of her talking and went out to play.
- I noticed that he had a hole in his shirt; no one else could see it.
- Did you notice the girl who just went by? – Yes, it was Mary.
- The protests are finally making the government take notice.
- Take no notice of what he said – he was just being silly.
- Some people don’t take any notice of speed limits.
- It has come to my notice that you have missed a lot of classes.
- There’s a notice on the board saying that the meeting has been cancelled.
- I can’t produce a meal at such short notice!
- I wish you’d give me more notice when you’re going to be off work.
- The swimming pool is closed until further notice.
- ‘What kind of car was the man driving?’ ‘I’m afraid I didn’t notice.’
- Did you notice which direction she went in?
- We didn’t notice him leave.
noticeably (notisıbıl)   dikkati çeker şekilde
- likely to be easily noticed,
- He was noticeably more relaxed after she had gone.
- The scar from the accident was hardly noticeable.
notify (notifay)   bildirmek, haber vermek
- to report, to let know, to give information, to inform or warn someone about something,
- If there has been an accident you must notify the police.
- The parents notified the loss of their son to the police.
- I was notified that repairs on my bicycle were completed.
nourish (nouriş)   beslemek,yedirip içirmek, besin, yiyecek
- to keep healthy by feeding with food, to give a person, animal or plant the food needed for health and growth,
- These children have not been properly nourished for months.
- Nourish food.(besleyici yiyecek)
- Plants draw nourishment from the earth.
numerous (numerous)   pek çok sayıda; sayısız
- many, very great in number,
- numerous   pek çok sayıda; sayısız
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