YDS İngilizce Kelimeleri - WY Harfi Listesi

wage (veyc)   bir savaşımı başlayıp sürdürmek
- to carry on a war, payment for a work,
- The North waged war against the South (kuzey, güneye savaş açtı)
- What is the national minimum wage?
- I have to pay the rent out of my wages.
- To wage war on your enemy.
warfare (varfeys)   savaş; savaşma
- fighting, as in a war,
- Nuclear weapons are not used in conventional warfare (nükleer silahlar klasik şavaşlarda kullanılmaz)
- Guerrilla warfare.
warn (vorn)   uyarma, uyarı, ikaz,
- an event, or something said or done, that warns, to tell someone in advance about a danger, to advice someone against doing something,
- Black clouds warned us of the approaching storm
- They warned her that she would be ill if she didn’t rest
- I was warned against speeding by the policeman
- They warned him not to be late
- He gave her a warning against driving too fast
- His heart attack will be a warning to him not to work so hard
- The earthquake came without warning
- She received a warning message.
- When I saw the car coming I tried to warn him, but it was too late.
- The government is warning the public of possible terrorist attacks.
- He warned me about the danger of walking home alone at night.
- The radio warned people against going out during the storm.
- I warned you not to trust him.
- Your employers can’t dismiss you without warning.
- You could have given me some warning that your parents were coming to visit.
waste (vest)   israf etmek, çar çuretmek, çöp, ziyan, müsrif, savurgan; zarar veren; zararlı, kilo kaybetmek, boş alan, ıssız
- to spend carelessly or uselessly, to use more than is necessary of something, or not to use something in a useful way, useless material that is to be got rid of, a huge area of land that is not or can not be used, to lose weight, strength and health, to br thrown away unused or allowed to go bad,
- We waste a lot of food
- You are wasting my time with all these stupid questions
- Industrial waste from the factories
- That was a waste of an opportunity
- The arctic wastes
- Waste land (ıssız arazi).
- Don’t waste your food, remember that there are hungry people who can’t find anything to eat.
- Don’t waste your time by walking around, you have to study for the exam tomorrow.
- It is a waste of time to try to talk to him, he won’t take your advice.
- Put all the waste paper in the waste basket.
- He wasted his time at university because he didn’t work hard.
- She wastes a lot of money on cigarettes.
- She wasted no time in decorating her new room.
- Expensive wine is wasted on me. I don’t even like it.
- It seems a waste to throw away all these old newspapers.
- A lot of household waste can be recycled and reused.
- There is an area of waste ground outside the town where people dump their rubbish.
wide (vayd)   geniş (çaplı) / kapsamlı, yaygın
- not narrow, extending a large space from side to side, a certain extent from side to side, of great extend, large, to a full extent, fully open, covering a large variety of subjects, to make or become wider,
- Wide streets
- This material is three meters wide
- How wide is it?
- A wide experience of teaching
- He opened his eyes wide
- They have widened the road
- The lane widens here
- Our discussions were wide-ranging and productive
- Widespread hunger and disease
- He held his hands wide apart (ellerini iki yana iyice açmış tutuyordu)
- The door was wide open
- Her eyes are wide open but she seems to be asleep.
- The ship sailed across the wide sea.
- Farmers were working among the wide fields.
- The room was five meters wide.
- He is very rich, he has a wide property.
- He is widely known as a good teacher.
- The road was not wide enough for two cars to pass.
- You are the nicest person in the whole wide world!
- The children’s eyes were wide with excitement.
- Their opinions differ widely.
- Steve traveled widely in his youth.
- It was late but she was still wide awake.
- The storm has caused wide spread damage.
wind (vind)   rüzgar, nefes, nefesini kesmek, üflemeli, sarmak, dolanmak, toplayıp sarmak, gözünü açmak, kıvırma; bükme; kurma
- to move or spread along by changing direction, turning, to put something around and cover another thing by this way, to make a machine work by turning a part of it, current of air, breath, to hear about something, very quickly, to wrap round in coils, to make string, to twist and turn, to make into a ball or coil, to wind a clock, watch, to end, to be somewhere at the end of a series of happenings,
- The wind is strong today
- There wasn’t much wind yesterday
- Cold winds blow across the desert
- Climbing these stairs takes all the wind out of me (bu merdivenleri tırmanmak bütün soluğumu kesti)
- The heavy blow winded him
- The flute is a wind instrument
- You will be punished if the headmaster gets wind of what you’ve done
- The horse galloped away like the wind
- He wound the rope around his waist and began to climb
- To wind wool
- The road winds up the mountain
- I forgot to wind my watch
- My ball of wool has unraveled – could you wind it up again?
- She wound up the clock
- I think it’s time to wind the meeting up
- He’ll wind up in jail if he isn’t careful (dikkatli olmassa hapsi boylar).
- The river winds through the fields.
- The doctor wound the cut on his finger with bandages.
- My mother is winding yarn to make a ball of wool.
- Don’t forget to wind the clock, we have to wake up at 7 o’clock.
- My brother has a toy car which moves itself when it is wound.
- There is a winding path around our garden.
- She stopped running to get her wind back.
- The baby cries when he has wind.
- The punch in the stomach winded her.
- The path winds down the cliff to the sea.
- The company was losing money and was soon wound up.
worthwhile (vortvayıl)   yapmaya, sıkıntıya girmeye  deger
- deserving attention, time and effort,
- A worthwhile cause
- It isn’t worthwhile to ask him – he will only refuse.
- Working for so little money just isn’t worthwhile.
yield (yield)   vazgeçmek, bırakmak, vermek, sağlamak, ürün, mahsül, kabul etmek,baş eğmek
- to give way force, to bear a fruit, a result, to surrender, to produce,
- He was forced to yield all his possessions to the state
- At last the door yielded
- He yielded to his son’s request
- To yield to temptation
- How much milk does that herd of cattle yield?
- Natural fertilizers have been used to increase yields.
- Your illness will soon yield to this medicine cure. It is a good medicine, you will get better if you take it properly.
- Jill yielded in the argument when Tom proved that she was wrong.
- The apple tree in our garden will yield apples soon.
- How much wheat does each field yield?
- Did the experiment yield any new information?
- The government refused to yield to the hostage taker’s demands.
- The army has yielded power to the rebels.
- The dam finally yielded under the weight of the water.
- You have to yield to traffic from the left here.
- Old fashioned methods have yield to new technology.
- Wheat yields were down 5% this year.
- This investment has an annual yield of 12%.
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